Retailer - Associate

This membership type is for companies that distribute retail satellite reception systems and programming to the consumer.

Member Dues: $110 annually

Below you will find our benefits listings for the Associate Retailer membership. Please note there is also a Preferred Retailer membership. Please review which membership would best serve your company, and you can join by clicking the corresponding link at the bottom of the page. We look forward to assisting you and continuing to make satellite the top choice for consumers.


  • NEW BENEFIT - Liability and Workman's Compensation Insurance savings
  • NEW BENEFIT - Background and drug screening savings
  • Receive SBCA e-newsletter and industry updates
  • Access to licensing database and members only portion of website
  • Access to retailer & technician resources website
  • Discounts on select online testing courses
  • Savings on health, personal & supplemental insurance for individuals and their dependents 
  • Select distributor discount
  • Membership certificate and window decal
Download Application Form: