What's New in Commercial Certification

Lodging, Institutions, and MDU

SBCA offers online certification training in SMATV, MDU, and DIRECTV’s D2 Advantage MDU systems. The training consists of on-line modules, starting with common modules in fundamentals theory. 

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What’s New: 

New course modules replace and update the previous “MDU/SMATV” and D2A (MFH2) courses. 
Modules can be combined to build certifications. No need to repeat a module if you have already taken it for certification. 
When you complete your certification requirements, your certificate will be instantly available. 
Two year subscription option gives you ongoing access to your course modules, access to any new versions of your course modules, free recertification, and a discount on new modules. 
New learning system with advanced learner interface and integrated certification access. 

New Students: 

If you have never taken the SBCA SB100 or SB200 series courses, or the previous MDU/SMATV or D2 Advantage courses, register for one of the discounted certification bundles (SMATV, MDU, D2 Advantage, or D2 Advantage+). Each one includes all your required learning modules and the certification exam. 

  • For details on Satellite Master Antenna TV (SMATV) training, click here
  • For details on Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) training (other than DIRECTV), click here. www.sbcatest.com/mdu.htm
  • For details on DIRECTV D2 Advantage training, click here
  • For a complete list of all available modules, click here

Existing Students: 

We will be transitioning all accounts to the new system. If you have finished courses on our old learning system and would like to get an annual subscription or enroll in new course modules, please contact us at sbcasupport@satprof.com and we will get you started. If you have an account in the new system (sbca.absorbtraining.com), please LOG IN first and go to ADD NEW COURSE. DO NOT use the ADD TO CART button or you may end up with a duplicate account which will complicate your certification status! 

If you are uncertain of whether you have previously enrolled in a course powered by SatProf, click here

To update your student profile (email, contact details, password, etc.), please click here before you log in to the learning system. 

To log in to the learning system, click here

Two Year Subscription and Recertification: 

As technology evolves, and as providers including DIRECTV update products and services, training requirements are continually modernizing as well. The two year subscription provides full ongoing access to all the latest versions of the L&I online courses you have previously enrolled in so you can prepare for recertification testing. Your recertification exams for L&I courses are included. That means the subscription can easily pay for itself if you have multiple certifications simply with the savings on the re-certification exam costs. 

Sign up for the subscription here.

New Certification Structure: 

DRE (non-managed) Certification is available only when ordered as a complete training bundle here or with fundamentals courses SB102 and 103 here.

In Class Certifications: 

In addition to online certification, authorized distributors offer hands-on, in depth courses. 

  • DIRECTV Residential Experience (managed system) – DRE Plus 
  • COM1000