Zach McGuire

Board Member

Zach McGuire is the president of MasTec Advanced Technologies. McGuire started his career in the Telecommunications industry with TCI in 1992 as a cable TV installer while finishing his last two years of college. His work as an installer was part of a manager trainee program that TCI established to train future cable system operators. McGuire spent 10 years in various roles and was part of the Digital Cable and High Speed Internet rollouts.  Upon leaving TCI he was the Director of High Speed Data operation responsible for market operations. In 2001 McGuire joined Viasource Communications as Vice President of Operations in charge of the DIRECTV business. Viasource was purchased by 180 Connect shortly thereafter and changed the name of the DIRECTV operating arm to Ironwood Communications. In 2003 he was named the President of Ironwood. In 2007 Zach joined MasTec Advanced Technologies as the Group President.